Children's cancer treatment near Sydney

A child (0 to 14 years) with a suspected or diagnosed cancer should be referred to a paediatric oncologist who is an active member of a multidisciplinary cancer care team.

Across NSW and the ACT, there are three children's hospitals that provide treatment for children with cancer.

Who to see

The diagnosis and treatment of a child with cancer involves a team of specialists. The usual specialist for initial referral is a paediatric oncologist. 

Where to have treatment

Treatment for childhood cancers is specialised and complex and should be undertaken at a children’s cancer centre.

Find a cancer care team

All children with cancer in NSW should have their treatment overseen by a multidisciplinary cancer care team (MDT). A multidisciplinary cancer care team is a group of health care professionals who work together to ensure that a patient receives the best care and outcomes. 

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