Dr Sumanth Nagabushan

Paediatric Oncologist

Dr Sumanth Nagabushan is a paediatric oncologist, specialising in neuro-oncology, who is an active member of a multidisciplinary cancer care team that coordinates care for children with cancer.

In addition to English, Dr Sumanth Nagabushan also speaks Hindi and Kannada.

Appointment locations

Dr Nagabushan is available for consultations at the following locations:

Kid's Cancer Centre in Randwick

Sydney Children's Hospital High Street Randwick NSW 2 0 3 1
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0 2. 9 3 8 2. 1 7 3 0.
0 2. 9 3 8 2. 1 7 8 9.
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Hospitals and cancer centres

Dr Nagabushan works at, or refers patients to, the following hospitals and cancer services:

Multidisciplinary cancer care teams

Dr Nagabushan is an active member of the following multidisciplinary cancer care team:

About Dr Nagabushan

    • Doctor type
    • Paediatric Oncologist
    • Gender
    • Male
    • Languages spoken
      (In addition to English)
    • Hindi
    • Kannada

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