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North Shore Private Hospital is a private hospital located in St Leonards. This hospital provides cancer surgery. Chemotherapy services are available at the near-by Northern Cancer Institute.

Location and contact details

North Shore Private Hospital

3 Westbourne Street St Leonards NSW 2 0 6 5
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Types of treatment

North Shore Private Hospital provides cancer surgery.

Information about additional cancer services including chemotherapy can be found at the Northern Cancer Institute.


Surgery for certain cancers can be complex and requires treatment at a hospital with a lot of experience performing this type of surgery. North Shore Private Hospital is recommended for:

  • bladder cancer
  • lung cancer
  • oesophageal and stomach cancers
  • pancreatic, primary liver and bile duct cancers
  • rectal cancer.

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Cancer care teams

Specialists at North Shore Private Hospital participate on the multidisciplinary cancer care teams (MDT) listed below. The teams meet regularly to coordinate care for people with these types of cancers:

Cancer specialists

The following cancer specialists work at North Shore Private Hospital:

Additional information

Most treatments are available in both the public and private systems but the costs can be very different. Also, a specialist can work in the public system, private system or both.

It is important to ask about fees before any doctors' visits, tests or treatments. Ask what the fees will be and how much you will get back from Medicare or your private health fund. You will have to pay any remaining costs (the gap payment).

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