Nepean Private Hospital

Private Hospital

Nepean Private Hospital is a private hospital located in Kingswood.

This hospital provides cancer surgery.

Location and contact details

Nepean Private Hospital

1-9 Barber Avenue Kingswood NSW 2 7 4 7
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0 2. 4 7 3 2. 7 3 3 3.
0 2. 4 7 2 1. 8 8 9 5.
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Types of treatment

Nepean Private Hospital provides cancer surgery.


Treatment for some cancers can be complex and patients should be treated at a hospital which meets agreed criteria for managing this type of cancer. These centres are known as specialist cancer centres. Nepean Private Hospital is recommended for:

  • breast cancer
  • colon cancer
  • lung cancer

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Cancer care teams

Specialists at Nepean Private Hospital participate on the multidisciplinary cancer care teams (MDT) listed below. The teams meet regularly to coordinate care for people with these types of cancers:

Cancer specialists

The following cancer specialists work at Nepean Private Hospital:

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