Youth cancer services near Sydney

A young person (15 to 25 years old) with a suspected or diagnosed cancer should be referred to a specialist who is an active member of a multidisciplinary cancer care team.

The choice of specialist should be based on their cancer type.

If a young person is initially referred to an adult centre, it can still be helpful to contact a youth cancer service for additional support.

Youth cancer services provide support for young people affected by cancer. Some treat patients directly, while others provide supportive care and work with treating specialists in adult centres.

Patients in this age group need specific support, including:

  • emotional and social support
  • help to continue their education or training
  • advice about the effects of treatment on their fertility and options to preserve this.

Youth cancer services

There are four dedicated youth cancer services in New South Wales and one in the Australian Capital Territory. 

The youth cancer service a young person is referred to will often depend on where they live, but can also depend on the type of cancer they have. 

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